Windows 11: So much controversy over the name of Windows 11

There has been so much controversy over the name of Windows 11 lately and the reasoning of many people boiled down to the fact that Microsoft promised to update only Windows 10 OS almost until the end of its days. Although with the Eight it seems like they said something like that, but not the point.Windows 11


So, on June 15, the Windows 11 assembly under the number 21996 was merged. Yes, it is Windows 11. In winver and “Parameter” the system has exactly this name, while the edition of the merged assembly is the Pro edition. It looks like all variations of Windows 10 will migrate to Windows 11, although there may be changes. By the way, on the Internet now more and more screenshots and videos appear of the leaked assembly of windows 11 iso pro. By the way, I will attach a link to download this assembly, so you can also try it out. I have not personally tried it yet, since basically I put assemblies on real hardware, because only then you can see all the differences, especially with regard to animation, and write good footages. On the other hand, this is a pre-final build of Windows 11.


According to some sources, the final RTM version is assembly number 22000. Also, judging by the information from the network, there are no new “Parameters” in this assembly, although a week ago a screenshot was leaked where their graphical shell was updated and they were very different from current. This oddity even slightly inspires the idea that the assembly was not leaked accidentally, but deliberately. Still, people who test the system sign a bunch of NDAs and I don’t believe that they just took it and merged it, especially since each assembly will be painted with a unique key, although it may not be doing it now. But in any case, most likely, they just let the people try the old assembly in order to further fuel interest in the system and make noise until June 24.


So, now let’s talk about assembly. Judging by the leaked screenshots and video, Microosft will once again update the Start menu. By the way, it is here straight from Windows 10X. On the one hand, it is minimalistic, and on the other hand, it is not very functional. If this appears in the release, then howling will be no less than at the release of Windows 8. At the same time, the Start icon is now colored, and not solid white or black. Yes, and the logo itself was redesigned, and it now looks more like the Microsoft logo, as rumors circulated before. By the way, this screenshot also shows the layout of the Start, so it will most likely be possible to customize it yourself.


The “Options” app remains the same, but most likely, as I noted earlier, this is due to the old assembly, although the corners are rounded in places here, which fits into the new concept of Fluent Design. The Feature Experience Pack is version 321, although now it has version 120. There are also rounded corners in the Notification Center. Explorer has just been updated with icons, and the scroll bar has become more pronounced.

We updated the initial setting of the operating system, which was also taken from Windows 10X, while the installation itself does not differ from the same Windows 8. The company also slightly altered the Windows boot, and the OS launch will have its own animation and advice sound. So far, everything that is known at the moment.



The presentation of the new Windows 11 did not go smoothly. There was an interruption in the broadcast around the world. This is doubly funny, since Microsoft is in its own way the undisputed leader in the cloud market thanks to its Microsoft Azure product, which powers the proprietary gaming streaming stage and comparative gaming spilling from Sony everywhere on the world.

Be that as it may, there is an emblematic thing in this. All things considered, we didn’t envision what, however Windows! Indeed, and difficult. Keep in mind?

Windows XP is super! Windows Vista – I generally liked it, but the rest of the world didn’t. Windows 7 is on fire! Windows 8 – do you even remember that it was? Everything in my memory faded out, as if after the “seven” there was a “ten” at once. Windows 10 is the best Windows we know. I will say more, it was Windows 10 (well, innovations from Nvidia) that knocked me out of macOS. Also, incidentally, I have definitely no second thoughts. For a very long time now I have been in a hug with Microsoft and glad. Also, in spite of the fact that I determinedly scholarly macOS, remembering working for the terminal, yet in 10 years I was unable to become acclimated to it. So when I got back to Windows, it felt like I was comfortable.

Windows 11, following the rationale of Microsoft, as per which a standing OS turns out in an age, isn’t bound for the best destiny.However, in the pictures and presentations, the system looked so good and pleasant that, probably, even the inveterate macho growers and Linux users had their hands combed as soon as possible.



Stylish glossy design. The new Windows 11 looks like candy. The “Start” button is shifted to the center (of course, you can return it to its place). By the way, pay attention. Now in “Start” the most used programs and the latest files. Judging by the dots on the right, these are the three recent apps screens. I wonder if this is convenient.

Here, of course, you need to see what the settings will be, because it seems to be convenient, but somehow you don’t want everything to be in plain sight. Such a panel will also appear (swipe from the left edge of the screen), and there will be the most interesting things for the user. You can of course turn it off. By the way, it can be compared to Google screens on Android. Or on the other hand with a simple on macOS, yet there you could likewise add valuable gadgets (for instance, a mini-computer), however here, it appears, just news content.



In spite of the way that Windows will be windows, as I would see it, the OS has consistently worked with windows by one way or another insignificantly. In such manner, macOS gave Windows 100 focuses ahead, permitting you to serenely fit numerous windows on the screen. In Windows, windows were continually endeavoring to implode, cover each other.

Now Windows offers ready-made window placement presets. Now there is no MacBook at hand, but it is absolutely certain that I had a program on it that did exactly the same thing. I remember I bought it in the sale bundle in 2012, or something


Android Apps and App Store

There are, of course, many questions here. For example, it turns out that these Android apps will be inside the Microsoft Store branded app store. However, these will not be apps from the Google Market, but from the Amazon app store. And formally what is happening will look like this. First, you download the Amazon app store from the Microsoft Store, and then Android apps will appear inside the Microsoft Store.

Accordingly, how will it be in Russia? Because Amazon Store will need an account too. Will it be a raw port or at least some kind of mouse and keyboard optimization? Here, by the way, the owners of PCs with touch screens will probably win.

I also did not like that the new store at the presentation was described with the phrase “your single trusted location for apps”, that is, the only reliable place for applications. Like there it will be possible to download at least Google Chrome, at least … I don’t know, but what is not in the modern Microsoft Store? The last thing I downloaded from the site was the Epic Games Store (game store).

On the one hand, it will be very convenient. Yet, does this imply that Windows will presently start to trick, every way under the sun forestalling the establishment of outsider applications from deluges and other dishonourable landfills?

Be that as it may, there is likewise or more. For instance, application organization will be streamlined. Presently every application has its own different installers, uninstallers, and updaters. You need to sign in and check every application independently. Along these lines, right off the bat, refreshing through the store is not exactly any pointless programming. Besides, it will be conceivable, as on Android, to do everything simultaneously.

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