Top 10 Media Player Software for windows pc

Many people enjoy listening to music and watching movies on Media Player with their personal computer or laptop. For this, the capabilities of a standard player may not be enough, since often the necessary codecs are not available to work with one or another format of multimedia files.

Nowadays there are a huge amount of paid and free requests that allow you to play absolutely any video and audio. Let’s try to decide which one will be the most suitable – to answer this question, we decided to compile a rating of the best players for Windows. We hope that after carefully studying the useful characteristics of each program, you will be able to choose the most suitable application for yourself. windows 11 download

Top 10 Media Player Software for windows pc

Light Alloy Media Player 

Universal software that is capable of working with almost all known video and audio formats. The request is altered to work with the Windows operating system of many versions, initial from 95 and higher. It practically does not take up free space on the hard disk – only a few megabytes. The code is optimized for fast startup, and it consumes quite a few system resources. For Russian users, the program is completely free. The chief object that attracts persons is comfort of use. You can switch to full screen mode by clicking on the mouse wheel.

AIMP Player 

The filled term of this program stances for Artem Izmaylov Media Player – it was established by a Russian programmer. The application itself does not weigh too much, it is well suited for playing music and videos of various formats. There is an extended set of built-in codecs, with which you can work with a wide variety of formats – over 30 pieces. The application is capable of playing music from online radio stations. The playlist, if necessary, can be saved, edited directly during playback. The functions of the keys are changeable, with their help the player is controlled even when it is in an inactive window. Equalizer has a wide variety of settings designed for use with the most popular genres of music.


A useful multi-platform database that container work not only with Windows, but also with Linux. It uses the core of MPlayer as the engine, so the application is able to work with most of the available formats, both audio and video. One of the most useful functions of this player is to save the settings of all files that have been played back with it. If for any reason the user interrupted watching the movie and closed the program, then the next time it starts, it will start exactly from the moment at which it was stopped. In addition, all subtitle, audio channel and volume settings will be loaded automatically.


Another completely free program designed to work with video and audio files. Developers regularly release updates to it, interface russification is present. The program is capable of running on Windows operating systems from XP and above. The size is only 44 MB, system resources are consumed by a minimum amount.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Another completely free program designed for use exclusively on the Windows 11 download  platform of all versions. This player will be able to reformat your DVD. Works with both built-in and external codecs, so the application will be able to play almost any file. The creators of this software have taken great care to equip it with extremely useful functions that will be useful to each of the users.

VLC Media Player

The first program in our review, which is open source. The application is lightweight, but very powerful, lightweight and functional enough. The program is capable of working with most video and audio formats, and the use of external codecs is completely optional. This player reads information from CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, supports HD, Full HD, Ultra HD resolutions.

Daum Potplayer

This utility was developed by the same programmers who created the well-known KMPlayer. This program consumes significantly less resources and almost does not load the operating system, providing a stable 60 fps, regardless of the power of the used hardware. If necessary, you can record video from the screen or from the camera on a laptop. If the application is installed on the Windows platform, then you do not need to pre-install the codec pack. If wanted, you can also play TV stations programme on the Internet. There are a lot of built-in effects and filters, a video capture function is provided, and supports any formats of multimedia files.


One of the most popular programs for playing audio and video. Despite the fact that the first version of the application was released a long time ago, it still continues to be very popular among users. First of all, this is due to a very large package of built-in codecs, with which it is possible to play any file formats. The program has a decent amount of fine tuning, so it will be quite easy to make it for yourself.


The player is able to largely surpass many modern players, although it was developed for a long time – about 14 years ago, its first version first appeared. The program can work with video and audio documents of various extensions, and the section “file types” contains a complete list of supported formats. The equalizer is built-in here, it includes seven bands, frequencies are tuned only in general terms, but this is quite enough to get a good sound.


The most powerful media player in our roundup of the best Windows players – that’s why it came out on top. Another important quality is that it is distributed absolutely free of charge. With this application, you can not only watch movies and listen to music. It can play TV channels, work with online radio stations, play movies from torrents. The hardware requirements here are insignificant6 for the application to work correctly, you will need 1 GB of RAM and 350 MB of free hard disk space.

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