Microsoft Windows 10 Operating Systems 2021

Windows 10 operating system

Microsoft’s Windows 10 marketers are not overly modest, each time announcing the release of the best operating system of all time on the market. So Windows 10 is announced as the integration of all the best, taken from Windows 7 and the legendary Windows XP, with the elimination of all the shortcomings and shortcomings observed in Windows Vista and Windows 8 Metro.

Windows 10

History shows that in reality, Microsoft developers evolve in the form of a zebra, one operating system is very successful, and the next is useless. Great Windows XP. Ill-conceived Windows Vista. Excellent, almost the best Windows 7 in the world. Which caused a lot of questions and discontent with Windows 8. For technical reasons, Windows 9 will not be immediately followed by Windows 10. Windows 10 is quite a promising operating system, which in many respects is not inferior, if not superior, to the best products from Microsoft.


Features of OS Windows 10

By popular demand of users, the “Start” button and all the usual conveniences of working with the desktop Desktop have been returned. Some more features are returned that were in the very first versions of Windows, and then somehow disappeared.

Truly multi-window work is available. You can display several applications on the screen at the same time and switch flexibly. When connecting multiple monitors, applications can be displayed on separate displays – these are real Windows, the concept of working in parallel in several applications.

All new applications are fully adapted to any type of device. After purchasing the program, it will automatically work on all computers belonging to the user: on a desktop, tablet and smartphone running Windows 10.

Developed a new Internet browser Edge to replace the sore IE It seems that the developers of Microsoft have decided to take advantage of the best findings of the creators of Firefox and Chrome. Extensions from Mazila and Chrome can be integrated into the new browser from Microsoft.

As a certain inconvenience for residents of the CIS, one can name the lack of the usual Windows Media Center and the ability to play DVDs. Video in this format has long been considered obsolete in the West, but we still use it. The Cortana voice control system is in active development. The keyboard and mouse will soon turn out to be anachronisms.


Troubled Windows 10 issues

Many, if not most, users do not like the system of forced downloading and installation of Windows 10 updates. The bottom line is that, as usual with Microsoft, there are frequent bugs in innovations and after automatic updates Windows 10 starts to “glitch”. You cannot turn off automatic updates.

In addition, it is an unceremonious interference with the privacy of users. Windows 10, as stated, will collect information about the use of the device and send it to Microsoft for analysis and research without the authorization of the owner.

When the user remembers that Microsoft is an American corporation, the thought immediately arises about the CIA, NSA and Snowden. There is no guarantee that Microsoft will not leak personal data of users to the US intelligence agencies. As it often happened, including with the American social network Facebook.



It should be said about why Windows 10 did not receive a serial number 9. This is more associated with market research. Despite the popularity of the eight, Microsoft does not consider it the optimal software product. The new version of the OS was not supposed to be associated with its predecessors. Another important point is the relatively short development time. This is due to the fact that Microsoft has already created optimal solutions in many areas earlier. Her task was to accumulate all the best that came before and add useful functions.


Upgrading To Windows 10

As mentioned earlier, the company’s marketing ploy allows for an upgrade for users. It is available to owners of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Throughout the year from the date of release (until June 29, 2016), the update is free. Download speed depends on specific conditions, and the installation procedure itself will take about an hour. You must use the update download center or directly download the OS from the official Microsoft website.

Windows 10 edition depends on which system was previously. The installation principle is extremely simple. The revision after the update is similar to the one that was on the seven or eight. If this does not suit you, then you will have to forget about the free promotion and purchase the OS.


Distinctive Features of Windows 10

From the outset, the developers began to position the system as a return to the basics of the seven, but with numerous improvements. The advantages of the eight were taken into account, as well as requests from users. For about six months before the release, you could take part in testing and talk about opportunities for improvement or improvements. Below we will look at the most significant features of Windows 10 that deserve special attention.



The course towards the creation of a unified operating system continues, and here Microsoft has succeeded a lot. Serious complaints after 8 were about the Metro interface being more suitable for tablets and mobile devices than computers. The developers have made an effort to remedy the situation. The versatility is perfectly visible from the promo materials in the promotional image below.


Improved start

Most of the complaints about the eight related specifically to the irrational elimination of the Start menu. In fact, it was brought to the entire desktop and became uncomfortable for advanced users. At the same time, the developers did not want to completely copy the seven in this regard. The solution was found in the synthesis of two options. New in Windows 10 is that the Start menu is split into two parts. The left is the standard 7 style, while the right is more of the eighth version. This is shown in the screenshot.


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