How to Download Windows 8 and install for free

We present a guide to installing Windows 8 Professional from a USB flash drive. This is done very simply: all stages take place automatically, the user only needs to select a section for the system and enter personal data. However, even such a simple proc For convenience, the whole process is divided into 2 stages. At the first stage, we will consider preparing for installation (or reinstallation), create a bootable USB flash drive. On the second, we will work with the installer.

Windows 8 how we save important data


How to Download and install Windows 8 for freeBefore starting the installation, you will need to perform a few simple steps:
Create a backup copy of important data. Just in case, find discs with drivers in old boxes. If you have any non-standard equipment (for example, a steering wheel), then you should make sure that the drivers for it are compatible with Windows 8.

Windows 8 how we set the boot order in the BIOS

BIOS is a program built into the motherboard that allows you to control some parameters of the PC hardware. It allows you to set the main parameters even if there is no OS installed. So, to run the Windows 8.1 setup program, you need to boot from the installation flash drive . To get into the BIOS, you must press a certain key immediately after switching on. Usually this is F2 or Del, but there may be other options (F8-F12, Esc and others). Some Lenovo laptops have a special round button to enter the BIOS (it has a logo with an arrow).
Once in the menu, you need to change the boot priority of devices:
Use the arrows to open the Boot item . Inside it, select Device Priority .
The boot prioritization menu will open. Most likely, Hard Disk will be listed first .
We need to put the selected medium (CD, or USB flash drive) in the first place. To do this, use the Enter key and the up and down arrows.
At the end, select the “Save and exit” item for the changes to take effect.

Google chrome Installation

Now let’s figure out how to install Windows 8.1 step by step. It should be noted right away that the OS installation process has been greatly simplified, almost all stages are performed automatically.

Step # 1. We insert the USB flash drive into the USB port, reboot. During boot, a message such as “Press any key to boot” should appear on the screen. It means that you need to press any key (this should be done quickly).

Step # 2. Language settings . The first item is the language of the system. The second is the format in which the time and currency will be displayed. The third is the keyboard input method. We expose Russian everywhere and click “Next”.

Step # 3. Installation starts. A window will appear in which you must click the “Install” button.
Step # 3. Windows edition choice. Choice the form after which you have an activation key. If there is no key, choose proferssional – we will activate it later like this .

Step # 4. We agree to the terms of the license. It may differ depending on the build, so it’s worth reading. Then click “Next”.

Step # 5. Type of instalation. We select a custom installation, specify all the parameters manually and format the disk.

Custom Installation – For Advanced Users

Step 6. Disk layout. A window for selecting a partition to install will appear. This is the most crucial step, so let’s take a closer look at it. Once again, make sure to back up important files. when installing on a new disk. Consider the case when you are installing Windows on a new computer or laptop with an partitioned hard drive.

  1. Lets make a divider for connecting the system.Size – at least 30 GB. To the question ” To ensure the correct operation of all its capabilities, Windows can create additional partitions for system files ” we answer “Ok”.
  2. Lets create a partition for storing data. This will be the D: drive. During the next reinstallation of the system, all files on this disk will be preserved. Therefore, photos, movies and favorite music are stored on the D: drive, and not on the desktop.
  3. Select the partition for installing the system (future drive C :), click on.
    Selecting a partition to install

Step 6.2. When reinstalling. In case of reinstalling Windows, simply format the partition of the old system and install the new one there. This will remove all files, including viruses. When asked that formatting will destroy all data, we answer “Ok”. Do not touch the section “Reserved by the system”.

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