Adobe Fireworks Review, Pricing & Software Features 2021

The picture shows Adobe Fireworks CS5 (v11) 1998 – 2010. Interface and help – in English. Language. Weight 245 MB. The price is 11 thousand rubles (about 370 dollars). Note that Adobe Fireworks requires 1 GB of RAM. After Adobe acquired Macromedia (Flash developer, Dreamweaver), Fireworks replaced Adobe Image Ready.

Adobe Fireworks is also part of the Adobe Creative Cloud.
Adobe Fireworks, also known as FW, is a versatile program for creating, editing and optimizing graphic web symbols (visually, without having to work with code).
Adobe Fireworks works with raster and vector images.

Adobe Fireworks Review, Pricing & Software Features 2021

New Fireworks documents are saved in the Portable Network Graphic (PNG) file format. PNG is a native file format for Fireworks. You can also export or save the document as a JPEG file, GIF file, or other file format. These files can be saved along with HTML files containing HTML tables and JavaScript code so you can use them on the web.

The Fireworks toolbar includes sections that contain tools for drawing and editing vector and bitmaps. After drawing an object or text, you can use a wide array of tools, effects, commands and techniques. In particular, interactive navigation buttons can be created in this way.

You can also import and edit graphic symbols in JPEG, GIF, PNG, PSD and other file formats.
Parts and hotspots are web objects that define interactive areas in a web graphic. You can apply rollover behaviors, animations, and links to individual parts of the image. On a web page, each part appears in a table cell.

Use the Fireworks Button Editor and Pop-up Menu Editor to build custom interactive graphics for managing websites.


Optimize and export the generated graphics

After you optimize your graphics, the next step is to export for use on the web. You can export many file types from a PNG document, including JPEG, GIF, animated GIF, and HTML tables containing sliced images of many file types. Computers display graphic symbols in either vector or bitmap format.
Fireworks contains tools for working with both vector and bitmap images and is capable of opening or importing both formats.

Vector graphics create images using lines and curves (vectors) that include color and positioning information. An image can be defined by a number of points.
Vector graphics are resolution independent. This means that the quality of the vector appearance of the graphic will not change when you change its color; move, resize, or when the output device resolution changes.

Bitmap graphics are made up of dots (pixels) placed on a grid. Your computer screen is a large grid of pixels. In the raster version, the image is determined by the location and color value of each pixel in the grid. Each pixel is assigned a color. The image is a mosaic.

When you edit a bitmap graphic, you are modifying pixels, not lines and curves. These bitmap graphics are resolution dependent, which means that the data describing the image is set to a specific mesh size. Enlarging the bitmap redistributes the pixels in the grid, which can make the edges of the image appear jagged. Displaying a bitmap graphic on an output device with a lower resolution than the image itself can also degrade image quality.

Fireworks can open and introduction HTML content shaped in other requests that cover straightforward HTML table basics. However, Fireworks can import documents that use UTF-8 encoding and are written in XHTML.

Adobe Fireworks is capable of tightly integrating with other Adobe programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver, as well as with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Flash. Learn more about integrating Adobe Fireworks with Adobe Dreamweaver.

Adobe Fireworks CS6 contains all the tools you need to create vibrant, highly optimized graphics for web hosting and display on virtually any device, from smartphones to interactive terminals and integrated displays.

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